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The Process

  • The first step is to submit a family intake form which will inform our agency of what your family's childcare needs are, so we can help you decide which type of nanny is right for your family.

  • Next, one of our agency representatives will contact you for an initial intake call to provide more in-depth information about our services and fees. During this time, the representative will review the intake form with the family and they will be required to complete, submit and remit payment to initiate the nanny search.

  • The nanny search will begin and can take up to 2 months based on the family's needs. Once a nanny match is secured, a representative will contact the family providing them with the nanny's qualifications including education, preferences and experiences allowing them to choose the nannies that they would like to interview.

  • The family will interview the nanny with support from the agency(if needed) through a virtual platform.

  • Once the family decides on a nanny candidate, they can schedule a trial session which is equivalent to a working interview.

  • After the trial session, the family will sign a formal contract, pay the placement fee and then the nanny will be placed with the family to begin care.

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