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About Us

Labor of Love Nanny Agency is not just a referral agency. We offer referral and placement services with our all-inclusive vetting (selection) and training process for our nanny candidates. With most nanny referral services available, the family is unable to verify listed education, experience, or references from a nanny's application. Additionally, nannies are often unprepared or lack training on best practices for in-home childcare. However, we provide the necessary checks, training, and certifications to help bring families "peace of mind" by ensuring that our nanny candidates are equipped with relevant knowledge and tools to offer the best care for each family they serve. Last but not least, we also support the families through the placement process, as well.


Meet the Owner

Dear Families & Potential Families,


Thank you for entrusting Labor of Love Nanny Agency to assist your family with nanny placement and referral services.


In creating this service, I thought about my experience as a nanny and my goal is to train and equip nannies to be ready for placement in your home.


We look forward to servicing your family in helping you find the “right nanny” to fit your family’s needs.


Warm Regards,


LaDawn White

Owner of Labor of Love Nanny Agency

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